Timers and Controllers

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Autopilot High Power HID Controller, 4 light


Control multiple lights from one time clock or controller device. 

USD $124.99

Autopilot Master Digital Timer


Need to control your lighting and CO2?  Want to do it in the most safe, professional, and efficient way?  Well then this MASTER Digital Timer is just what you need!

USD $189.99

Blueprint Controllers Cycle Timer 120V, BCT-1


The ETL-listed Blueprint Controllers Cycle Timer, BCT-1 controls a pump, fan or other 120-volt device with adjustable on/off cycles. Precise timer set points facilitate an on time range of 15 seconds to five hours and an off time range of 15 seconds to 13 hours. A built-in photocell control permits day, night or 24-hour operation. 

USD $84.99

Blueprint Controllers Digital Timer 120V, BDT-1


Rely on the single-output Blueprint Controllers Digital Timer, BDT-1 to keep any 120-volt appliance running on schedule.

USD $18.99

Blueprint Controllers Digital Timer 120V, BDT-2


Excellent for running hydroponics systems, lighting equipment, pumps and more, the 24-hour programmable Blueprint Controllers Digital Timer, BDT-2 runs two 120-volt devices on the same schedule. 


USD $18.49

Blueprint Controllers Digital Timer 240V, BDT-1C


The Blueprint Controllers Digital Timer, BDT-1C features a grounded outlet that can handle any 240-volt gadget up to 3,600 watts and 15 amps.

USD $18.99

Blueprint Controllers EZGrow Timer 120V, BET-1


The 24-hour Blueprint Controllers EZGrow Timer features dual outlets and digital functionality, as well as unique integrated options for grow and bloom cycles. Once the time of day and cycle start time are selected, simply select the 18/6-hour Grow or 12/12-hour Bloom setting.  Very easy to use and set!

USD $17.49

Blueprint Controllers Mechanical Timer 120V, BMT-1


Rely on the Blueprint Controllers Mechanical Timer, BMT-1 to keep a 120-volt device running on schedule.

USD $8.49

Blueprint Controllers Mechanical Timer 120V, BMT-2


The 24-hour, 120-volt Blueprint Controllers® Mechanical Timer, BMT-2 is fully grounded and simple to use. Because the timer features two outlets, it can simultaneously accommodate a light system and a small fan or other device. 

USD $9.49

Surge Protector with 8 outlets & timer


More power! Up your amperage without risking blowing an outlet or frying your electronics. Employ the Hydrofarm 8-outlet surge-protected power strip to corral everything you need to stay plugged in. With four timed and four constant outlets, you'll have a place for every plug.

USD $24.99

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